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Most of the portraits you are discovering on Gérard Gastaud’s site have been published in different magazines.

This is the first time they are being shown together. With this sample of his photos, Gérard hopes to give you an idea of his approach as photographer.

Why favour portraits of personalities ?

A painting, a photo, music, a documentary, a film, an opera or a book and their creators can accompany us all our lives. It is this presence that Gerard wanted to record. This approach was made less difficult because Gerard feels close to human beings who are a bit « unusual».

In the beginning, his approach was holding a camera 24x36 in his hand, first in black and white and later in colour.

Then he changed to a medium format (6x6 cm and 6x7 cm) to register a maximum of details with lighting effects and use of a tripod. This permitted him to keep the composition which he wanted to obtain with his camera and at the same time, freed of the camera, he evolved about freely and most of all, kept a direct contact with the personality he was about to photograph.

As the photographer that he is, he has always followed the steps of an author.

"The beaten tracks are certainly the most safe, but don’t hope to encounter a lot of big game there."

André GIDE
"Journal 1889-1939"

Question : "What are you looking for in your portraits?"
Answer : "The unique, implacable, invincible second of authenticity."

Richard AVEDON
Interview in Libération on October 26, 1999



From top to bottom:
David Hockney
Frédéric Beigbeider
and Elia Kazan
David Hockney
Frédéric Beigbeider
Elia Kazan
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