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Welcome to the Portrait Gallery of Gérard Gastaud.
This secton contains several colour and black and white photographs of personalities from various horizons. From 1982 to 2002, Gérard has photographed and mixed with many artists, painters, writers, fashion designers, film directorrs, scientists, etc. Every picture, selected among a huge collection, has a story to tell. They are not only an instant captured, but also an expression of human richness to be found in the profession of a photographer.

Each portrait is briefly described with the name and profession of the personality, as well as the date on which the photo was taken.


Please note that the photos displayed are samples only. The quality has been deliberately reduced, as each original print ordered will be executed in the manner of Fine Arts prints.

"Hans Hartung"
Hans Hartung

Sculptor, 1984

"Louis Calaferte"
Writer and playwright, 1984

"Bernard Frank"
Journalist and writer, 1984

"Philippe Soupault"
One of the founders of Surrealism, 1985

"Steve Lacy"
Jazzman, 1986

"Hans Hartung"
Painter, 1984

"William Burroughs"
Writer, 1984

"Simone de Beauvoir"
Writer, 1985

"Paul Bowles"
Writer, photographed at his home in Tanger in 1986

"Jean Rouch"
Film director, photographed in 1984 during the making of his film "Dyonisos"

"Jean Guitton"
Philospher, member of the Académie Française, 1989

"Duroy & Fils"
Journalist and writer, with his son, 1990

Painter, 1990

"Anna-Maria Ortese"
Writer, photographed in a hôtel in Genoa

"Pierre Bourdieu"
Sociologist, professor of the Collège de France, 1993

"Armand Gatti"
Playwright, 1997

"Sonia Rykiel"
Fashion designer, 1989

"Edouard Limonov"
Russian writer and political dissident. last session of photos of 1989 with Limonov who i have photographed a lot

"Robert Badinter"
Lawyer and politician, 1995

"Brion Gysin"
Writer and painter, 1984
Friend of William Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Truman Capote, Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, Kerouac, and others in Tanger at the time..

"Madame Carven"
Fashion designer, 1996

"Frédéric Beigbeider"
Novelist, 2000

"René Etiemble"
Linguist, 1988

"Samuel Fuller"
Film director, 1996

"Philippe Fénelon"
Composer, 1998

"Jacques Monory"
Painter, 1997

"Hubert Selby Jr."
Writer, 1988

"Elia Kazan"
Film director, 1989

"Alexandre Zinoviev"
Russian writer and dissent, 1982

"Arlette Laguiller"
Politician, 1999

"Jean Rustin"
Painter, 2001

"Daniel Spoerri"
Conceptual artist, 1988

"Maud Manoni"
Children's psychoanalyst, 1985

"Julian Schnabel"
Painter, 1990

Author of graphic novels, 1982

"Julien Gracq"
Writer, 1984

"Lawrence Durrell"
Writer, 1984

"Olivier Debré"
Painter, 1991

"Michel Butor"
Writer, 1993

"James Baldwin"
Writer, 1987

"Pierre Alechinsky"
Painter, 1998

Bret Easton Ellis"
Writer, 1992

"Gérard Garouste"
Painter, 1995

"Michel Houellebecq"
Writer and former singer, photo taken in 2000 backstage before he went on stage in Monaco

"Aurélie Nemours"
Artist and painter, 1999

"Michel Tournier"
Writer, 1989

"Régis Jauffret"
Writer, 2000

"Raymond Voinquel"
Photographer, 1993. He was the person who codified the lighting effects of the Studio HARCOURT

"Pierre Klossowski"
Writer and painter, brother of BALTHUS, 1997

"James Elroy"
Writer, 1989

"David Hockney"
Painter, 1999

"Alexandro Jodorowski"
Writer, graphic novelist, film director, 1994

"Jean-Charles Blais"
painter, 1992

"Gisèle Freund"
Photographer, 1991

"Léo Malet"
Writer, 1988

"Willy Ronis"
Photographer, 2000

"Paul Grimault"
Film maker of cartoons, 1992

"David Gascoyne"
Writer, 1984

"François Boisrond"
Painter, 1997

"Jean Cabu"
Cartoonist, caricaturist, 1997

"Henri Dutilleux"
Music composer, 1993

"Jean-Pierre Chabrol"
Writer, 1984

"Jean-Pierre Mocky"
Film director, 1996

"Jean-Pierre Raynaud"
Conceptual artist, 1998

"Théodore Monod"
Scientist, desert specialist

"Isabel Marant"
Fashion designer, 1996

Photographer, 1992

"Martin Veyron"
Artist and author of graphic novels, 1996

"Jean-Pierre Vernant"
Historian and anthropologist, professor of the Collège de France, 1996

"François Weyergans"
writer, film director, member of the Académie Francaise, 1983

"Jonas Mekas"
Underground film director, 2002.

"Gore Vidal"
Writer, 1987.

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